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Who we are

Liliya Loughran {Lock-ran} founded Lily Lough {Lock} in 2012 because she could not resist her love for fashion.  Lily realized fashion jewelry should be enjoyed by every woman, and so Lily Lough  was born.  

Lily Lough Jewelry was motivated with the sole purpose to curate a chic collection of fashion jewelry that women young and old could enjoy for any occasion, and most important, for an affordable price.  Lily Lough is passionate about creating a multidimensional product line that suits the needs of these women, Lily Lough Women.

These women possess an inherent style all their own. They are independent women who embody modern femininity to express themselves.  These women value the quality in designs, demand superior service, and enjoy a luxurious shopping experience.  Lily Lough Women feel just as comfortable in a cocktail dress as in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but they never leave the comforts of home un-accessorized. Jewelry is always part of their vocabulary.
Lily Lough offers an unparalleled collection and personal guidance to every woman’s needs.

It is very cut and dry.  We refuse to charge ridiculous prices for fashion jewelry.  Our relationships not only allow us flexibility on prices, but also a constant introduction of new product lines tailored to the revolving fashion industry.  Lily Lough Jewelry is consistently updating its system weekly with new merchandise. 

  Please enjoy your experience.